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"Not only did NetWriter complete every aspect of my request from keyword usage, density, word count and many other things, but they took the initiative to ask me questions prior to getting the job to make sure we were on the same page."

How We Write Your Copy

After being asked several times how we go about writing copy, we’ve compiled this simplified step-by-step process for your review.

  1. We gather as much information as possible about the project. For more information on this step, please review our Preparing for a Copywriting Assignment page.
  1. We then review the project background and focus in great detail. Hand-written and computer notes are taken and compiled into one usable format. Most of our questions are asked at this stage to clarify intent.
  1. For longer copywriting projects, we create a Table of Contents at this stage, and review it with the client for approval. Sometimes short blurbs about each section are written as well for clarification. At times a one-page (or less) summary is written for the project, focusing on the client’s requested slant, audience and intentions.
  1. Once step three has been approved, we start researching any additional information required, as necessary.
  1. The copy is written, edited and proofed several times over before sending it over to the client for review. We normally use Word’s Track Changes feature for the client’s electronic editing, although we can use the pen and paper approach as well.
  1. Revisions take place until the client is satisfied.
  1. Once the copy has been approved for printing, we like to see a final version (with all graphics and layout complete) for one final edit and proof. However, the client is still responsible for checking their copy, design and production elements afterwards.
  1. We like it when clients keep us posted with the copy results. If the project isn’t getting the kind of response you were hoping for, we can suggest ideas or improvements at that time.